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You’ve done an amazing job with this piece, a great read.

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I turned on my push notifications for this one

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This is very well written. Please don’t forget to add the Lindsay Lohan incident though. When Nick Carter was trying to bad mouth Paris Hilton to Lindsay, but she didn’t want to be involved. So Nick Carter in a rage grabbed her breast. Afterwards, she stormed off and told her bf Wilmer Valderama what happened and he started yelling at Nick. Nick Carter has always disrespected women. So thank you for not being bias.

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I appreciate the research you have done on this. I've followed Aaron's life for a couple of years now and there was info that was new to me as well so it's a really interesting read.

I am a fan of BSB and know a lot more about them so I'd like to point out a couple of factual errors.

In your first paragraph, you say Nick is a former Backstreet Boy. He never left the group and is still very much a part of them. They are finishing up a hugely successful world tour right now.

About the accusations against Nick, there are 4 women who have alleged he assaulted them, not six. The incidents alleged by the 3 Jane Does in the Shannon Ruth suit are also identical to the police reports/accounts of the women that were previously already known. So in total four women have made their accusations.

All accusations were investigated and either not pursued by the police because of a lack of credibility or declined by the prosecutors to be taken further. And in fact Nick has just countersued Shannon Ruth and Melissa Schuman for harassment, defamation and extortion. The full details are here: https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/23596551/nick-carter-courtclaim-lawsuit.pdf

I hope you will add this context to give the full perspective of the situation.

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Hello – have added documents related to both Ruth's initial complaint and Nick's counterclaim to the footnotes. Hopefully this provides context for readers interested in researching the case further.

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