KF did not swat MGT, and likely they didn't swat Keffals either. KF only inflames spirits, and provides info, at most.

KF is up and more resilient than it used to be.

Animal abusers will continue to be exposed and their data will be sent to law enforcement, and if they fail to do their job, the population and its outrage will eventually do what has to be done.

We're not Karens, we're NORMAL and proud of being normal, and fighting abnormal deviants is good praxis.

Thanks for the article.

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It's Zoosadism, zoophilia and pedophilia. There have been several independent investigation efforts. Look up the Yt channel Yardfish and Arroz Marisco. The first oncludes research with a psych who works with zoosadist offenders and says this is pure sex philia with connection to pedophile crossover. the second channel is a legit VO who films family friendly vids of rhesus macaques in Hong Kong, and he has a series of videos research ing the fake rescuers of Cambodia who manipulate the temple monkeys switch the babies to different troops so they'll kill them and whose rescues accidentally kill baby ones etc and how this economy evolved under economic incentives since 2016. I'm a huge fan of monkeys and I too watched this evolve and was horrified.

YouTube: Yardfish and Arroz Marisco

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